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Berlin (Germany) / Santiago (Chile), Germany

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Epiclist enables people to pursue all their small and big goals in life, together with others around them! More, Epiclist is an action network, crafted with stunning user experience and we are looking for the best people to join our team. Our aim is to encourage everyone for a more active, adventurous and fulfilled life, by following their goals and dreams, taking action and sharing adventures!

Adventure of Building a Dream Company

Join us to build dreams! In Santiago de Chile and Berlin.

With our fresh startup Epiclist we enable people to pursue a more active, adventurous and fulfilled life, by building a unique product and action network, crafted with stunning user experience and we´re looking for the best people to master it! 

Yes, we hack and build things big and fast, but we also cook together, make running sessions and organize surf trips, never stop exploring new interests, skills and adventures!

Our HQ is based in the beautiful office in the hear of Berlin, with a great terrace overlooking the downtown of Berlin, but end of July we´ll join the Global StartupChile Entrepreneurship program in Santiago de Chile till end 2013, to focus only on building product and our community, getting close to nature and organize hiking and rafting trips for sure!

Our team of a business designers and developers is looking for a great iOS / front-end developer to join our team! We´ve been working for big brands, like BMW and MINI, to Silicon Valley and YC startups, like Chute and Slideshare. And we work closely with the best adventurers and athletes across the globe!

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