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Ethiopian Education Foundation

Ethiopian Education Foundation

Ethiopian Education Foundation

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Ethiopian Education Foundation

London, United Kingdom

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The eef mission is to provide excellent schooling for severely under privileged yet motivated, academically promising students in Ethiopia, empowering them with the skills that will enable them to transform Ethiopia’s future. EEF’s work transforms the lives and future of these students. Ultimately the future of Ethiopia as whole will be impacted. EEF has already produced 11 fully qualified Medical Doctors and 19 Engineers from its first few batches of scholarship students who entered the programme from 2004 onwards.

Why are we exciting?


The Difference: The Ethiopian Education Foundation (eef) is an effective UK registered charity achieving measurable and sustainable results with virtually zero administration cost.  All work for eef is done on a voluntary basis (no salaries) and our admin costs are covered in full by the trustees and directors. Therefore every cent of every donation goes directly to helping our students.

We run the organisation like a business, but the outcome is dramatic change instead of profit.

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About us

You may be familiar with ActionAid, World Vision or Plan International. They all do a great job. However, EEF take child sponsorship to a completely different level.

Our goal is to help transform Ethiopia’s future by providing excellent education scholarships for severely under privileged yet motivated, academically promising students, empowering them with the skills that will enable them to transform Ethiopia’s future.

Each year we grant around 15-20 secondary school scholarships (boys & girls) to talented yet severely underprivileged children selected from a pool of government “feeder schools” as well as local charity organisations and across all racial and religious communities. 

For all our selected students the scholarships include four years of fully paid tuition, for the period of grade 9-12, at one of Ethiopia’s leading private schools including uniforms, school materials and full boarding at one of our student houses. The facilities of these houses such as computer room with internet access, library and recreational as well educational facilities, 1-2-1 mentoring and group seminars can be used and attended by all eef scholars.

Our track record: After being in operation for just over 12 years we now have 210 students on the programme out of which the first 159 graduated from high school between 2009 and 2016. All 159 graduates are now studying at university, 24 of them in the medical field and four of our students are studying political science, physics and economics at New York University in Abu Dhabi on a full four year scholarship. Please find two of their stories here:

The first engineers (19) and medical doctors (11) have already graduated from university. All of them have found excellent employment.

We are making a remarkable difference to a growing number of academically talented youngsters who would otherwise not have had any chance of even secondary education.


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What can we offer Escapees?

We offer being part of an organisation that changes lives. Being in charge of our programme for a year or two will change your life as much as those of our students. That is a promise :)
We employ two volunteer managers at any given time in Addis Ababa. They are in charge of running our organisation on the ground for a minimum stay of one year. When we do have one of these positions available, we also advertise them on here. 
In addition we welcome other "escapees" to support our students with tuition, workshops and for sharing their life experiences with our students. If you would like to volunteer for us for any length of time up to a year, find out more here:
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