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European Travel Ventures

European Travel Ventures

European Travel Ventures

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European Travel Ventures

London, United Kingdom

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ETV is the parent company of The Yacht Week, The Ski Week, Yachts and Friends and Fort George.

About us

European Travel Ventures was formed in 2008 as the result of a very successful sailing holiday! The company is a reflection of the founders’ passion for adventure and their curiosity to discover new cultures and places.

The sailing holiday became known as The Yacht Week and has since evolved from solely yachting adventures into multiple recreational initiatives such as The Ski Week, Yachts and Friends and Fort George.


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The Yacht Week

The Yacht Week is a unique experience of sailing, regattas, entertainment and much more. Regardless of sailing ability, we welcome an international crowd to visit some of the most stunning coastal destinations with the option to sail with a professional skipper. The first Yacht Week took place 2006 with 1 event week and 27 yachts. For 2017 we anticipate over 1,500 yachts participating in 60 events with 15,000 guests.

In Breif:

  • Group experience targeting ages 20-35
  • Typically 20-60 yachts per event
  • Every event is one week long
  • 60+ nationalities represented to date
  • Yachts accommodate 6-12 people
  • We can provide a licensed skipper
  • Average price €500 per person


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The Ski Week

The first ever Ski Week in 2014 saw 400 people from 30 different countries come together for something much more than just skiing and partying. We mix like-minded people from all over the world in a week where friendships are forged, ideas shared and memories created.

In Brief:

  • Our first event in 2014 sold out in 45 minutes
  • In 2015 we will offer events in Aspen, Powder Mountain and Obertauern, Austria
  • Each event is 1 week long
  • Multiple activities are offered on and off the mountain
  • We are bringing après to the USA!

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Yachts and Friends

Yachts and Friends makes sailing accessible and provides a high quality experience on land and sea. We locate the best yachts and provide guests with great skippers at top destinations around the world. Regardless of sailing experience, we tailor-make a client’s holiday to suit their requirements. Through our real-time web-based search engine, we act as an independent adviser and provide an unrivalled level of customer service.

In Brief:

  • A wide variety of quality-assured yachts supplied by a number of trusted charter companies
  • The largest database of internally trained skippers in the world who collectively speak over 28 different languages
  • Complete transparency with no hidden costs
  • More than 1000 yachts to choose from
  • Price matching and real-time rates across a number of charter companies
  • Increased focus on customer service

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Fort George Croatia

Fort George has set out to establish itself as a cultural hub in the Adriatic acting as a focal point for people to meet and experience its history, culture and unique entertainment. Situated on the island of Vis, Croatia, Fort George was built by the British Navy in 1813 as part of their efforts to wrest control of the Adriatic from Napoleon. Standing on a high promontory with a commanding and breathtaking view of the island, the fort is currently undergoing the second phase of restoration to become a high-end, multi-purpose venue.

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