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Evil Genius Technologies

Evil Genius Technologies

Evil Genius Technologies

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Evil Genius Technologies

Los Angeles, United States

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Mobile Apps. Web Applications. Diabolical Master Plans of Unparalleled Complexity and a Certain Panache.

What Are We Up To?

With a name like Evil Genius Technologies, you may want to know exactly what we're all about... And that's a fair question.

The truth is, we're not all that evil. (It is a little shameful typing that, I admit.)

But we're long-time respecters of cartoon mad scientists, and the audacity that comes with their willingness to try to build just about anything. (Ionospheric orbital death-rays, etc.) We've thus far restricted our technical interests to mobile apps and couple of soon-to-launch web applications. But nowadays, that feels like the right place to be.

We're moving our interests from custom development work -- our old standby -- into direct-to-the-buying-public software products, and are (at the time of this typing) doing some of both. We do work for nonprofits (helping blind folks -- no, really!), conventional industries (valet parking, etc.), and other tech whiz-kids and megalomaniacs (our forthcoming

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