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Education & Health Nepal

Education & Health Nepal

Education & Health Nepal

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Education & Health Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal

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Education & Health Nepal was set up by two friends to help people in Nepal by developing projects that work with the poorer members of the communities. The aim was to build a low cost volunteering organization designed to make a real and lasting difference to the people of Nepal.

About us

 In 2010 two friends one English and the other Nepali set out to create a volunteer organization called Experience Himalayan Nepal and as we grew through hard work and the dedication of our volunteers and the support we were given. In 2014 we decided to change direction and concentrate on two sections of social work in Nepal, education & health so in 2014 we have registered as a Education & Health Nepal and commenced the UK registration of our organization as a charity. Our aim is simple in that we will use the power of the international volunteer to make changes for the poorer people of Nepal. 

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Why are we exciting?

Because Nepal offers everything you would want to escape the modern world. |From the greatest mountain range in the World to ancient towns and villages to sub tropical jungles to the South. If you love mountains and wildlife then this is the country for you. And best of all you see this while volunteering with EHN.

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Our values

To be honest there is only one reason why EHN exists and that is to make a difference in this world. From the very first day Phil and I have created something special and each year we help more and more people. Quite simply you live this life once, live it well help others and leave at the end knowing you made it a better place.

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What can we offer Escapees?

We offer you the experience of Nepal away from the tourist areas in the short term but also if you are looking for a complete change in life then get involved with one of our bigger projects. One volunteer we met in London is now living in Nepal working on making EHN an international organization. 
If you have an idea to help others but not sure if it will work then talk with us and if we can make it happen we will.
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Our Promise

Is simple EHN is designed to help others and will continue to do so in Nepal. From sponsorship of schools, medical treks to just providing an orphan their first birthday cake. And we will continue to do so with your support. 

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