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Education & Health Nepal

Education & Health Nepal

Education & Health Nepal

Education & Health Nepal (formerly Experience Himalayan Nepal) was set up by two friends to help people in Nepal by developing projects that work with the poorer members of the communities. The aim...


Sauraha, Nepal

30 Jun 2013

Opportunity has expired

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Daycare assistant in Chitwan Nepal..

Mix looking after children with the excitement of the jungle next door.

Sauraha, Nepal

Applicants are required to hold the relevant Visas/Work Permits

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There are many places in the world where a volunteer can make a difference and here in Sauraha is one of them. Set deep in the tourist area of Chitwan in a small building on the side of a guest house is home to a centre that plays a vital role in education of the poor.

ssFig Nepal is the home to vast geographical differences from the Himalayas down to the flat lands of Chitwan. The former being hard to farm and the latter being easy hence many Nepalese have migrated to the flatlands of Chitwan near the Indian border. Many reasons for this include good farming land, easy access to working in India and the opening of tourism in the form of the Chitwan national park.

From just the past 60 or so years since the eradication of the Teste fly the population has raised sharply causing many social problems linked to poverty.

But with the Western influence becoming more prevalent in the area Education is becoming seen as a means to escape poverty. So here in just a couple of rooms set between the hotels and the poor villages that have risen around the outskirts of the tourist area. Children under the age of 4 are invited from the poor villages to attend a preschool. Where they are taught basic reading & writing, good health &life skills that prepare them for their future school life.

So if you have the skills of teaching young children or a general interest in helping to mould the young minds of these children then we would like to invite you as a volunteer. Your duties will entail helping the children to read & write, basic health skills involving teeth brushing and regular hygiene and the ability to mix with other children in a constructive manner. But its not all work as the daycare centre is

next to the Chitwan National park where you will get the chance to safari on the back of elephants, watch the famous one horn rhinos and photograph crocodiles along the banks of Rapti river. So please if you volunteer here make a little time to wander the streets of Sauraha where there are as many Elephants as there are cars.


This opportunity has expired
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