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Fellow Robots

Fellow Robots

Fellow Robots

The goal of Fellow Robots is simple: to build reliable, inexpensive, high quality telepresence robots that are usable by anyone


Mountain View, CA, United States

22 Jul 2013

Opportunity has expired

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Exciting Brand

Chief Executive Officer

Looking for an experienced business executive to lead the company.

Mountain View, CA, United States

Applicants are required to hold the relevant Visas/Work Permits

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Senior Level
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Exciting Brand
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Fellow Robots is looking for an experienced business executive to lead the company. This role will work closely with highly skilled engineers who have developed an excellent product for the robotics market. This role will require a leader who can help to build a company in an exciting high-tech field. As the CEO, you will manage and lead the growth of the company. This is a unique opportunity to join a team of accomplished engineers who have worked together for almost two years, take a product to market, and build a company.
ABOUT US:Our mission is to enable humans to extend their capabilities through affordable telepresence robots.

Fellow Robots builds cutting edge personal robots – an industry primed for growth, predicted to be worth over $18 billion by 2015. The company was founded in September 2011. Fellow Robots is centered in the maker culture of the Bay Area and a team that experiments and prototypes constantly in the lab. The company has refined a final prototype and will begin manufacturing this year. Our team is currently seven people, six of whom are engineers and designers, and was founded out of the Singularity University program. Our lab is based at NASA Ames within the Singularity University Labs.

What makes us different? Fellow Robots is building a telepresence robot platform that allows for customized sensors and applications. We have identified various different sensor capabilities that make our robot more than just Skype-on-wheels. We are building personal robots that and engage developers to build customized tools on top of our seamlessly merged hardware-software robotics platform.

Fellow Robots is at a pivotal and exciting moment in our history. The company has been focusing on our flagship product Helo, a tablet-based telepresence robot, for the past 1.5 years, building 20+ iterations, and has sold 10 alpha bots that are being tested and used in the wild. We have gathered that customer research and used it to finalize our current design. We have the hardware of Helo finalized, the encasement designs near complete, a seriously intelligent networking and software system, and are getting ready to do our first manufacturing run.

We have a great team of makers, big thinkers, and doers at Fellow Robots.

Dan Barry – Engineer 
• Founder & Robotics Expert at Denbar Robotics. Co-Chair of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and Chair of Space and Physical Sciences at Singularity University. Dan has spent some time off the planet along the way.

Zhenqin James Fan – COO and Director of Manufacturing. 
• James lives and breathes manufacturing in China. James has seven years experience building robots. He now lives in Shenzhen China and manages our manufacturing process.

Neil Jacobstein – VP of Strategy
• Neil has the long-term vision. Neil is co-chair of AI and Robotics at Singularity University, a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Stanford, CEO of AI pioneer Teknowledge Co, and Crown Fellow at the Aspen Institute.

Nathaniel Manning – Current CEO
• Nathaniel knows the ins and outs of business, from The White House to Silicon Valley. Presidential Innovation Fellow on Open Data at The White House. Director of Business at Ushahidi. World Economic Forum Data Tiger Team. 

Marco Mascorro – VP of Engineering
• Marco could build a robot with his eyes closed. Mechatronics Engineering. Engineer – BMW, Germany. 6+ years in robotics competitions and exhibitions such as RocoCup, RoboGames and the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo.

Tasha McCauley – VP of Design and Creative Director
• Tasha brings beauty and user-centric design to our work. AI and Robotics at University of Southern California. Designer and Builder at Applied Minds. Director of Innovation Lab at Singularity University.

Tuna Oezer – VP of Software
• Tuna builds intelligence into hardware. Tuna is a software designer with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. He worked at Google in their Search team before joining Fellow Robots.

LOCATION:Mountain View, 


IDEAL QUALIFICATIONS:• Proven entrepreneurial experience, team building, taking products to market, and building a startup • Financial planning, highly capable financial modeling, and presentation skills • Minimum five years experience as a business leader • Experience in hardware highly valued • Experience raising funds • Experience public speaking

POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES:• Managing the finances and business decisions of the company • Lead, pitch, and manage investment rounds • Strategic business and market analysis • Negotiate distribution and partner deals • Lead marketing and sales • Manage hiring of business team • Recruiting and managing Board of Directors and Advisory Board • Public speaking

COMPENSATION:Fellow Robots can offer a combination of salary and equity.
This opportunity has expired
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