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Dedicated to recruiting high-potential graduates and career changers to become children’s social workers.


London, United Kingdom

7 Oct 2013

Opportunity has expired

Compensation details:
Circa £45k depending on experience + 11% pension contribution

Employer tags:
Public Policy
Social Enterprise
Medical Practice
Higher Education
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Social Impact
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Finance Manager

Frontline’s vision is that no child’s future is threatened by social or family circumstance. Our mission is to transform the lives of vulnerable children by recruiting and developing outstanding individuals to be leaders in social work.

London, United Kingdom

Applicants are required to hold the relevant Visas/Work Permits

Compensation details:
Circa £45k depending on experience + 11% pension contribution

Job Type:
Mid Level
Escape Factors:
Social Impact
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This role will be responsible for establishing financial systems and management for Frontline, and for providing some support to ARK UK Programmes more broadly.

This role is suitable for a recently qualified accountant and would be ideal for a candidate who is interested in a varied role including some operational responsibilities. Frontline is currently being incubated by ARK UK Programmes and is intending to apply for charitable status and to become fully independent of ARK by 1 September 2014. This is an opportunity to set up financial systems from the beginning with the aim that it will transition to Frontline following independence, leaving ARK UK Programmes to be managed separately.

This role will be key in the planning of the transition, including the application for charitable status and in establishing Frontline as a new legal entity as well as supporting the operational environment within Frontline. 

Key Responsibilities

  • To set up and manage the control environment and for the accuracy and production of all Financial Reports for Frontline and ARK UK Programmes.
  • Produce the monthly management reports of all expenditure for ARK UK Programmes, including preparing grant claims for submission to the Department for Education. This will include being responsible for production of the figures, including physical input into the finance system.
  • Produce monthly management reports and compare them against budgets analysing any variances for the various programme directors to ensure that all budget holders receive the information they need in order to control their expenditure and manage their budgets.
  • To agree with each Budget Holder the financial key performance indicators for their activity and prepare monthly reports on the efficiency criteria used to help them manage their performance.
  • Distribute monthly accounts to budget holders and discuss the results with them ensuring that any budget over spend and associated risks are highlighted to the Chief Executive.
  • To ensure that no spend takes place which is not properly authorised.
  • To provide support to the Operations Director for the day-to-day operations of Frontline, including advising and helping with the production of the Programme Management Reports. Prepare the audit file ready for audit at the year end and be the main contact for the ARK auditors. 

Work Areas
 Monthly Processes (pre-transition)·        

To advise on the chart of accounts and coding system required which is flexible and appropriate for all budget holders and to help set it up.
  • To process all transactions for income and expenditure from source documents.
  • To ensure all invoices that are raised have purchase orders associated with them, and where not to escalate this to ensure expenditure is approved prior to being committed.
  • To prepare the monthly DfE claim for Frontline.
  • To prepare a comparison against budget for all Budget Holders.
  • To agree the policy regarding accruals and prepayments for Management Accounts and to report accordingly.
  • To prepare a monthly cash flow forecasting forward 4 months.
  • To manage the grant drawdown schedule for Frontline and all ARK UK Programmes.
  • To complete and sign off the monthly bank reconciliation for ARK UK Programmes.
  • To raise all invoices on a monthly basis or in line with invoicing deadlines. 

Treasury Policy

To establish and implement a Treasury Policy for Frontline ready for independence, including establishing bank accounts with appropriate delegated authority signatories etc. 

Supplier Contracts

To review all key contracts, ensuring that they are within budget, highlighting any shortfalls and advising on the drafting of all contractual documents.
  • To be responsible for all key Operations Contracts, including IT, Rent, Photocopier etc. 


To work with the Chief Executive in planning for a transition to independence. To include:

  • Investigating a new finance system
  • Agreeing a timeline for transition
  • Applying for charitable status
  • Setting up a new corporate entity
  • Setting up an initial take on balance sheet and a coding structure for the Chart of Accounts
  • Setting up Frontline’s Financial Procedures
  • Establishing the list of Delegated Authorities.  

Analysis, Forecasting and Budgeting

To be responsible for the budgeting of all ARK UK Programmes including re-forecasting anticipated performance for the year in the event of any major changes.

  • To undertake ad hoc analysis and modelling for Budget Holders to aid decision-making and forecasting.
  • To constantly review and update the Financial Plan, highlighting any shortfalls that are occurring and highlighting to the CEO any major differences that are incurring within the approved plan.
  • Working with ARK UK Programmes and the Chief Executive of Frontline, to be responsible for the year end budgeting process. 
This opportunity has expired
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