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Fundacion Moises Bertoni

Fundacion Moises Bertoni

Fundacion Moises Bertoni

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Renewables & Environment
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Social Impact
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Fundacion Moises Bertoni


Asuncion, Paraguay

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The FMB applies an innovative approach to sustainable development by combining nature conservation with social responsibility through the active participation of the local population.

What can we offer Escapees?

The Moises Bertoni Foundation offers you an opportunity to be part of its international internship program and adquire hands-on experience in sustainable development in Paraguay. The work we do seeks to add social, economic and environmental value in the territories where we work, as well as to integrate the private and public sectors in active collaboration with local communities. Through much work and innovation, the Foundation looks forward to making the most efficient use of its resources in order to achieve financial self-sustainability.
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About us

We at the Moises Bertoni Foundation are committed to a vision of sustainable development which creates environmental, social and economic value. We are dedicated to a model of development that is balanced, equitable, and inclusive. At the same time, we understand the complexity of sustainable development in integrating multiple elements and dimensions. Accordingly, our approach strives at all times to be comprehensive and centered on the people who inhabit the territory in which we work. We see ourselves as articulators of diverse initiatives with the public and private sectors and with civil society, always seeking innovative solutions and approaches to the complex socio-environmental problems that we face as a society.
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