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Dragging fund management software kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

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London, United Kingdom

About us

21st century financial software

The days of clunky installed software, manual testing and years between releases should be long gone - and yet in finance it's still the reality. That’s why we’re bringing the benefits of web based software, agile development and simpler user interfaces to the finance industry.

Help us raise the bar - better functionality, better usability, better software.

Code quality, simplicity & testing

We believe focusing on automation, testing and code quality enables us to move faster than our competitors whilst delivering better software.

Test driven development, pair programming, pull requests, kanban, continuous integration, continuous deployment and automating our infrastructure.

We've started the journey - join us as we learn.

We're a small team based just off the Old Street Roundabout and if you think you'd fit in then please get in touch.
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