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Global Natives

Global Natives

Global Natives

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Global Natives

London, United Kingdom

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Global Natives is one part innovation lab, one part digital agency, and one part consultancy. With offices in London and New York, we connect big ideas with even larger audiences. We work on everything and love it; from growing the online world of Harry Potter to preventing rape in the Congo, demystifying meditation in the west to sustaining a grassroots movement in Pakistan.

About us

We are brand builders and storytellers, digital strategists and social activists, matchmakers and technologists. We have diverse backgrounds and global perspectives. We help high profile people and organizations develop their businesses, tell their stories, and increase public engagement.

Headquartered in London and working on projects worldwide, we are hired to be disruptive, ask the hard questions, and push boundaries every step of the way.

We connect big ideas with even larger audiences. From growing the online world of Harry Potter, to helping prevent rape in the Congo, applying new technology to online retail, to advancing the future of cities, we empower visionary thinkers to harness the power of the public to innovate and disrupt.

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Our values

We don't sell tooth paste. 

We help visionaries operating on a global stage, from public policy leaders to entertainment moguls, public sector heavyweights to tech startup hopefuls. 

We don't sell toothpaste. We're in it for the ideas.

Oh... and we like to have fun too.

Our Culture

Daniel started this business to help clients with big ideas change the world, AND to have a work life balance. We all work hard and sometimes long hours on rewarding projects, but always place a premium on pursuing our passions and chill time outside of work. For the record, we also have a pretty darn good time at work!

We hire people for who they are inside and outside of the office, and would look to support and applaud any passion projects you’re pursuing. Company culture includes good meals, field trips to art fairs, international travel, and being behind the scenes on well known initiatives.
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