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London, United Kingdom

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The Good Mondays Society runs a lively exchange for education, experience and opportunity. As a global network we multiply all sorts of chances for kids - it's sophisticated DIY education for fulfilling lives.

About us


The Good Mondays Society. Global partnerships to raise global citizens. 
We're a specialized social network where families connect to maximize  their kids' opportunities. Our members give each other access to education and experience, they cover everything that makes life richer: school, languages, sports and the great outdoors, travel and holidays, culture in all its complexity, opportunities to work (intern-ships, au pair placements, jobs, ...), student exchange, research projects, hobbies and special interests, business co-operations, support for new expats and much more. 
Our families team up and pool their Haves and Wants to connect their kids with the world. Since their ambitions and concerns are mutual there is more flexibility, reliability and affordability than in institutional exchange models. 
Financially, as a community interest company we're an independent (investor free) organisation: our earnings (which come exclusively from membership fees, we pursue no commercial activities whatsoever) go into an innovative range of programs for "sophisticated DIY for new global citizens". 
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What can we offer Escapees?

We're currently building our network of Good Mondays ambassadors.
This is our offer to become our ambassador for your country !
Good Mondays ambassadors are women and men who feel passionate about inspiring education and global thinking. Through our ambassadors we connect with  young global thinkers in their territory (their assigned country or region), they act as "language interface" between member families and us and are their catalyst to connect with the world.
All ambassadors are freelance partners, working from where they live with the freedom to adjust the intensity of their input to fit their own life. This job offer particularly addresses parents who appreciate being able to work from home.
Learn more here: ; where you quickly get an idea if this is for you. Being an ambassador is a creative and responsible job, requires plenty of discipline and self-initiative, it can be as exhilarating as exhausting at times. Handled with love by the right person it is very likely one of the most rewarding jobs on earth: excellent input results in excellent income too.
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Why are we exciting?

All over the world people have a vision of a multicultural, multilingual  and
fair future for their children. GoodMondays.Org is where they meet.
Here we connect their matching interests, ideas and passions, no matter 
whether they live in the neighbourhood or in the other hemisphere.

What's exciting about that?
The same factor that makes the internet and all it offers so exciting:
that everyone can have a go.

It's no longer a question of available cash, personal connections or social status.
No, everyone can join and find astonishing matches, based on good will,
genuine commitment and imagination.
We make global citizenship barrier-free. That's exciting.
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What is our culture like?

Culture in an organisation has a practical and a philosophical side.
To understand our philosophy please visit our manifesto.
To get an idea on the practical aspects consider this:
"Teenage kids are artists and scientists,
entrepreneurs and philosophers, pioneers and poets.
If they can have a go. If not, they’re bored."
We do our best to make sure no potential is sacrificed to boredom.
And that goes for our members as much as for our team.
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