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London, United Kingdom

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We are government funding specialists. We exist to help people and businesses fulfil their potential. Our culture is built on freedom, power and trust.

About us

GrantTree was founded in October 2010 by Daniel and Paulina Tenner. Both had the same aim: they wanted to solve the problems they experienced when trying to obtain government funding for their previous startup ventures.To date, we have raised over £40m for more than 500 clients.


Both Paulina and Daniel are full-time members of the team, which has now grown to over 25 employees. GrantTree thrives on transparency and prides itself on having a flat structure. The company is built on strong values and empowerment. 


In 2015 GrantTree expanded into the property market, fitting out 8,000 square ft of co-working space in Clerkenwell, the Treehouse. Treehouse and GrantTree both exist to build a community for young companies to thrive and feeds into our purpose of helping businesses GrantTree and people to fulfil their potential.

Why are we exciting?

GrantTree is an exciting place to work because of the type of work we do, and because of our culture.

Work-wise, we spend most of our time working with a lot of great companies on the startup scenes. Because we are filing grants and tax credits for them, we get to know them much more intimately than most people do. We talk to them about their technology and their finances, about their plans and how they'll use the money we get them.

Culture-wise, we're a very open. Read the section below for more details of that, but in short, we're a company that believes in complete transparency, in trust, in responsibility, and in letting people be themselves at work. This is hard to describe in a company profile - you kind of have to see it to get it.

What can we offer Escapees?

Because of our culture, we can offer an environment that is radically different from anything you've ever experienced in the corporate world (and quite different from most startups, too). Have you ever worked in an office where everything is transparent? (salaries, peer reviews, etc) How about one where you can work with others in the copany to develop the pay model?

What is our culture like?

GrantTree is a unique place to work. I know, I know, everyone claims that, but few have anything tangible to sustain these kinds of grand statements.

Open cultures are a fairly new thing (unless you're a visionary pioneer like Ricardo Semler), but we've somehow managed to get a number of really great "culture features" to work for us, so far, that we believe make this a great place to work. Here are some, which might help you decide whether GrantTree is the kind of place where you want to work:

  • Transparency is one of our core values, so all information is by default transparent: salaries, detailed accounts of the company, strategic discussions, etc. We make a very deliberate effort to hunt down secrets and expose them. The only things that are allowed to remain secret for long are personal issues (e.g. health, etc).
  • We operate a 100% flexible working policy. You don't even need to come up with an excuse as to why you want to work from home, the simple desire to do so is enough. We trust that anyone we hire is there because they want to do a good job - whether or not their butt cheeks are connected to an office chair.
  • This comes down to the fact that we treat people like adults, rather than infantilising them by verifying everything they do. A consequence of that, for example, is that the pay structure is voted on and adjusted by the team every three months.
  • We do a lot of things openly, via weekly "huddle" discussions.
  • Although we will naturally try to encourage each other to participate, nothing is ever mandatory. After all, you're an adult, so if you don't want to participate, you must have a good reason, right? No one will ever ask you to wear 37 pieces of flair here. Or even one.

All of this, and more, makes GrantTree a rather peculiar place to work.

For some, the above will sound fascinating. For others, it'll sound unintelligible and weird, and perhaps even undesirable. That's ok. If you're in the first category, you might consider applying for one of the open positions below - or if there aren't any, then at least signing up to be told of positions as they open.

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