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Green Shoots Foundation

Green Shoots Foundation

Green Shoots Foundation

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Green Shoots Foundation

London, United Kingdom

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Green Shoots Foundation is a UK registered charity aiming to set up sustainable development in the developing world by implementing programmes combining microfinance with education and medical aid.

Why are we exciting?

  1. Our approach is more holistic because we view poverty as a complex issue and, as such, it requires more complex solutions. 
  2. Our approach is aiming to best practice project management because we believe that for-profit businesses do not have the exclusivity of efficiency. 
  3. Our approach is based on sustainability, not because it is a trendy word but because we work on cost efficient long term solution together with fully empowered local implementation partners. 
  4. There are many more reasons, just find them out by contacting us :-) 
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What can we offer Escapees?

We are running a number of different programmes in different regions of the world (see chart). These combine at least two development tools in order to have a more holistic approach to tackling poverty. 

For the time being, we are looking for
  1. HIV medical practitioners ready to spend at least 3 months in Burma/Myanmar,
  2. Graduates and post-graduates for social innovation missions in the Philippines,
  3. City professionals for business development missions in the Philippines and in Cambodia and
  4. Motivated London-based volunteers for a number of activities ranging from research, to fundraising and event organisation. 
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Our values

As a charity, we are driven by some of the values shared by the philanthropic industry. But we also aim to manage our programmes on a best practice basis in order to achieve maximum impact and to deserve the trust of our donors and supporters. 
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