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Greenback Expat Tax Services

Greenback Expat Tax Services

Greenback Expat Tax Services

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Greenback Expat Tax Services

New York, NY, United States

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Greenback Expat Tax Services specializes in tax preparation for Americans living abroad. We are a team of CPAs with decades of experience with US expat taxes.

About us

Greenback Expat Tax Services specializes in US expat tax preparation. Visit

Our mission is to provide professional, accurate, hassle-free US expat tax preparation services at a fair price.

Why are we exciting?

Why Choose Greenback Expat Tax Services?

• You won’t find a more qualified team to do your taxes. We are all CPAs and Enrolled Agents. We specialize in American tax services for expats.
• Our CPAs have decades of experience.
• One Flat Fee for your Federal Tax Return including all forms.
• Hassle-free process- fill out our form and send us your tax info (we do all the calculations!).
• Accurate and Money-Saving Results.
• Fast turnaround.

But don’t take our word for it… see for yourself what our delighted customers have to say about us at

Our values

Greenback Expat Tax Services is a team of CPAs and Enrolled Agents who are experts in expat tax services for US citizens living abroad. We have years of experience completing US tax returns for Americans living abroad and have seen everything there is to see! As opposed to the average CPA, for whom expat returns only account for 2% of his or her business, we focus 100% on expat returns.

Put your return in the hands of experience — we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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