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Grow Movement

Grow Movement

Grow Movement

We use remote volunteer consultants on an ultra low cost base to help least developed country entrepreneurs create employment and relieve poverty


London, United Kingdom

18 Apr 2014

Opportunity has expired

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Volunteer African Finance Manager

Share your number skills with a micro entrepreneur by Skype and phone in Uganda, Rwanda or Malawi

London, United Kingdom

Applicants are required to hold the relevant Visas/Work Permits

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Remote Working
Mid Level
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Social Impact
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So you're on Escape the you're looking for something different..something to add value to your well paid corporate job.

Well here you go! Welcome to Grow Movement. We match the  skills of business professionals with the needs of micro entrepreneurs in Uganda, Rwanda and Malawi. Using Skype and phone our volunteers help out with cash flows, basic accounting, working out profit margins, and best selling products...all with the aim of improving financial performance so that our clients can employ more people and run sustainable businesses.

We are looking for people with number skills, who can invest 12 one hour sessions over the phone and Skype across a 6 month period. You need patience, an ability to encourage and inspire people who will not be used to these types of skills and may find it at times over whelming. 

You may have a client who runs a school, a tailors, a shop, or an IT web design company. They will be smart, driven and facing business problems that you can help solve. If you want to join our successful global team who have helped create over 500 jobs and impact the lives of over 17,000 people then...

Next steps
1. Apply on line
2. My African team will pick up your application and be in contact within 2 working days 
3. Have a Skype interview
4. Receive a project list and select your client. 
5. Kick off with your client, take it slow, build a relationship and start to create change.

This opportunity has expired
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