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Grow Movement

Grow Movement

Grow Movement

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Grow Movement

London, United Kingdom

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We help entrepreneurs in the least developed countries grow their businesses to create employment and alleviate poverty through a network of volunteer business consultants. The consultants work remotely to coach the businesses through barriers that are preventing them from growing

About us

At Grow Movement we believe in unlocking the potential  of local entrepreneurs to drive employment creation in their communities. Using a global team of volunteer business professionals we empower our African clients with the right tools to run their business more effectively. We do all of this by phone, Skype and email. Since we started in 2010 we have worked with 260 clients in Uganda, Rwanda and Malawi and created over 550 jobs.

Why are we exciting?

As all of Grow Movement's advice is delivered remotely by volunteers and our operations are managed by local people, we've dramatically cut the cost of business advice to entrepreneurs in the least developed countries on earth. We've managed to work with over 200 entrepreneurs in the last three years on a cost base of less than $400 a week. 

Right now we're scaling up to advise 1,200 Malawian, Ugandan and Rwandan entrepreneurs over the next three years to lead their communities out of poverty and show the effectiveness of  talented local entrepreneurs teamed with remote volunteer consultants  to end poverty at  low cost and scale.

What can we offer Escapees?

We offer a unique, challenging and impactful volunteering opportunity. You have a privileged position of having direct contact with a talented and driven entrepreneur who lives in a very different culture, with a very different educational and work experience back ground to yourself. You can make a real fundamental difference; helping to improve confidence and business performance, create jobs and improve profitably.

This is all done without having to hop on a plane. 12 sessions across 6 months...from your desk, sofa or kitchen table.

Our volunteers have work experience in finance, marketing and strategy and a great deal of patenice
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