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GSMA Mobile for Development

GSMA Mobile for Development

GSMA Mobile for Development

Uniting the mobile industry & development community to drive commercial services for underserved people. Mobile for Development Intelligence is an entrepreneurial group dedicated to leveraging mobile technology for good in the developing world.

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GSMA Mobile for Development

London, United Kingdom

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About GSMA – Mobile for Development

Today mobile phones are the most popular and widespread personal technology on the planet, with global connections estimated to reach 6 billion in 2012.  In the developing world, mobile phones have revolutionised telecommunications and leapt from market penetration rates of nearly nothing to 62%, with 20% growth in the African market just between the years 2009 - 2011.  Most importantly, a significant proportion of these mobile connections are believed to be in the hands of low-income users. For example, over 40% of people living on low-incomes in Africa have access to a mobile phone.

As the one technology that is becoming widely accessible to all populations, including those at the bottom of the economic pyramid (BOP), there has been increased focus on the invaluable role mobile technology can play in improving social, economic and environmental development in emerging markets. As the remaining unconnected populations get access to mobile technology and the capabilities it provides, the lives of these populations will fundamentally shift.  The simple increase in access to information at a faster pace, from new sources, will influence everything.  Affordable mobile phones and the opportunities they usher in for the poor will be one of the most dramatic game-changing technologies the world has ever seen.  Industry growth will happen with or without our intervention; the role of M4D IMPACT will be to educate all those interested in harnessing the power of mobile for good

Uniting the mobile industry & development community to drive commercial services for underserved people. Mobile for Development Intelligence is an entrepreneurial group dedicated to leveraging mobile technology for good in the developing world. 

More about MDI

MDI is an Open Data portal for the developing world mobile industry. We believe that open access to high quality data will improve business decision making, increase total investment from both the commercial mobile industry and the development sector and accelerate economic, environmental and social impact from mobile solutions.

A challenge facing mobile industry stakeholders in the developing world is the lack of publicly available data and analysis to support their business decision making and to clarify the socio-economic impact of mobile. MDI will fill this information gap and will aggregate and host data from multiple sources such as the World Bank, UN, member operators and from vendors and development organisations.

There are nearly five billion mobile connections in the developing world, increasing by 18 per second. The industry is moving beyond basic voice to the use of mobile to deliver services in adjacent sectors such as health, financial services, agriculture and education. As the most widely adopted technology in history, mobile is uniquely positioned to drive economic, environmental and social change.

About M4D Impact

Mobile for Development Intelligence is data driven website specifically for the developing world mobile industry. Through an open access portal, M4D Impact offers offer data and analysis to support business decision-making and clarify the evidence of the socio-economic impact of the mobile industry in the developing world.  

The M4D Impact team serve as thought leaders for the Mobile for Development sector through analysis that is presented on the site, in publications, and presentations throughout the world.

As our objective is to accelerate the rate at which the private sector, donors and investors allocate funds to mobile and development innovations, we are building a robust, data rich, user friendly and freely available portal that provides a new level of visibility into the landscape of players.  

Through M4D Impact, GSMA is creating the resources and tools needed to influence the sector and put a spotlight on the myriad opportunities that exist to bring valuable services to vulnerable populations throughout the world.  All of this will lead to an increase in the mobile industry’s ability to have long term meaningful impact on the lives of the underserved.

By increasing the level of investment and the number of products and services offered that prove to be fundamentally valuable to poor populations, M4D Impact will have an indirect impact on the livelihoods of millions of people in the developing world. 

By providing a platform that highlights successful models, M4D Impact will accelerate the rate at which these solutions are able to reach and benefit even more people. There are very few instances where commercial sustainability, consumer demand, and positive social and environmental impact are so strongly aligned.
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