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Spire Ventures Ltd

Spire Ventures Ltd

Spire Ventures Ltd

Formerly known as Hamilton Bradshaw Real Estate, Spire Ventures is London’s most active property-focused venture capital group. Founded in 2010 by entrepreneur Faisal Butt with backing from active investor James Caan, Spire Ventures has grown from strength to strength as the firm’s reputation for its relationship based approach to venture capital and private equity investment continues to attract the most talented entrepreneurs in our target sectors. Spire Ventures was founded based on the basic premise that success in property is less about the physical real estate and more about the people working the assets. This simple realisation has been the cornerstone of our investment thesis – we invest in the very best management teams innovating in this sector, both in start-ups and existing businesses. Our approach is tailored to each business and almost always involves the building of ‘dream teams’ to help accelerate our Founders’ growth plans. We welcome you to get in touch to meet some of our entrepreneurs and dream teams.


London, United Kingdom

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This opportunity has already expired

Deadline to apply:
29 Mar 2013

Employer tags:
Private Equity
Venture Capital
Investment Management

Personal Assistant - James Caan’s Private Equity Firm

Hamilton Bradshaw Real Estate (HBRE), a subsidiary of the private equity group Hamilton Bradshaw.

Applicants are required to hold the relevant Visas/Work Permits

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Full Time Employment
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Exciting Brand
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