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London; United Kingdom, United Kingdom

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Ingenium is a leading provider of performing arts based development for disadvantaged young people in North London.

About us

Ingenium is a registered charity and   work with young people aged 13-24 in North London to develop the young person’s confidence, communicative, social and business skills through performing arts.  Our target participants are young people who are Not in Employment, Education nor Training (NEET) or are at risk of becoming NEET. The organisation uses the young people’s interest in performing arts to engage them and develop their talents and abilities such that they can translate their gifts into becoming employable and succeeding in life. We offer an eclectic range of skills that are pertinent to social and personal development which are sought by employers.  We run music projects integrated with personal and business training throughout the year resulting in the young people delivering performances at key community venues.

Ingenium runs music workshops throughout the year that culminate in performances at key community venues in the borough.  Personal development training is incorporated within the workshops whereby young people have opportunity to take stock of the strength, their values and beliefs and transform their lives such that they become employable, plan a new career or action or adopt a new behaviour. The fundamental belief of Ingenium is that everyone has a unique talent and ability to change his life. The purpose of Ingenium is to help young people help themselves.



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Our values

We believe everyone has a unique talent and ability to change ones life.

We believe in commitment and teamwork.

We believe in integrity and discipline.

We believe in inclusiveness and high standards.

We value having fun whilst changing peoples lives.

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