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Hotpod Yoga

London, United Kingdom

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We run hot yoga classes in our very own pop-up, inflatable, heated studios. We're all about accessibility: a down-to earth approach and availability anywhere. We run in-office classes with big corporates around London (Citibank, Linkedin, Harrods, Sky etc). We have a growing (soon to be international) franchise operation. And we run public classes around London. We've been featured in everything from Vogue and the FT to Women's Health and the Huffington Post. We are 15 months old, we've come a reasonable way so far and we're pretty excited about what lies ahead.

About us

We were the first people to develop portable hot yoga studios (we've got a patent pending). 

We run really accessible hot vinyasa yoga classes in our pods in a range of places: we run public classes around London, we do in-office classes for a bunch of top quality corporates and we have franchisees across the UK (soon to be abroad).

Why are we exciting?

We've been going 15 months, we're doing something 100% unique and pretty innovative. We're moving fast and we plan to go big places.

What can we offer Escapees?

If they're still lodged in a corporate in the City, we can offer a momentary Escape from the City in terms of in-office classes. For those who've already escaped, maybe we can offer an exciting place to work - if you're a seller, a strategist, a marketeer or a budding yoga enthusiast, we may well be able to. 

What is our culture like?

Pretty great. We would say that. There are only 2 of us at the moment, plus our 10 teachers and 3 franchisees. So our culture's really our customers and our classes - and that's a friendly, relaxed, pretty great culture!

Our values

We're all about accessibility in our product (yoga for everyone... no bullsh*t, no intimidation, no cultishness).

As a company, we're pretty nice - we have to be. But, we're also ambitious. We strongly believe you can get places by being nice though. 
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