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Impact Lab

Impact Lab

Impact Lab

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Impact Lab

London, UK, United Kingdom

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We believe that corporate employees want to have a direct hand in bringing about societal and environmental change. Yet there are limited opportunities available to engage them on the front line. Impact Lab was created to increase collaboration between the corporates and entrepreneurs in order to push forward game-changing ideas and ventures.

About us

Our vision is to engage corporate professionals and entrepreneurs to work together on innovative solutions to world challenges in order to increase the pace and success of change-making initiatives.

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What we do

Impact Lab offers:

  • A 16-week mentoring programme to social entrepreneurs whose ventures address social, environmental and/or economic challenges.
  • Short-term skills-based volunteering projects specifically in the social enterprise sector to corporate professionals.

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How it works

If you are a dedicated entrepreneur on a big mission, you are invited to" title="" target="_blank">apply to our mentoring programme.

If you are a professional who cares about solving the big issues and are willing to share your skills and knowledge," title="" target="_blank">apply to become one of our mentors and meet amazing individuals who share your passion for change.

Impact Lab mentoring sessions take place in a sleek central London location where you'll come in contact with other inspiring change-makers.
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Get involved

Why not come to one of our events & see what we are all about?  

You can also follow us on social media to stay connected:

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