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Independents United

Independents United

Independents United

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Independents United


London, United Kingdom

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We help people make revolutions happen – working with startup entrepreneurs and big brands focused on change. We also create revolutions of our own – and we're currently launching a startup to help small food businesses compete with "big food".

About us

We like to define ourselves by what we do: we help people who want to drive radical change. That could be a revolution that will change an industry, or redefine a category, or something that will make a big impact on the world.
Some of our projects pay us cash, and some are startups in which we've invested.
Current projects we're working on: revolutionising how opinions are shared online (state.com), bringing a new model to online dating (doingsomething.co.uk), helping a FTSE 100 company do NPD in a completely new way (distillventures.com) and we're also about to launch a mobile payment solution that could make your Friday night a whole lot better.
We work with some amazing startups, inspiring CEOs and we also come up with our own ideas and build teams to make them happen.
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What is our culture like?

We operate a non-hierarchical culture where we're all owners, accountable to each other and united in supporting each other to achieve our ambitious goals.
To facilitate our culture of collaboration we designed our own furniture – sitting at hexagonal desks so that we spend most of the day talking to each other rather than staring at our computers. The only rule: you have to change seats every day.
Our office mixes the core team with entrepreneurs from across the world who are doing everything from creating new alcoholic drinks brands to launching new apps.
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