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Keystone Tutors

Keystone Tutors

Keystone Tutors

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Keystone Tutors

London, United Kingdom

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Our mission statement is to professionalise and legitimise private tuition; its ambition is to help students build their resources and resilience to help them face their many daily demands.

About us

Keystone Tutors is a London based tutoring and education company. Since its founding in 2007 Keystone has developed an outstanding reputation among parents, schools and tutors. Keystone is run by directors Will Orr-Ewing and Josh Pull.

Our Mission!

Keystone is on a mission to radically re-shape educational practice in the UK and beyond. We believe one-on-one teaching to be the future, and are confident that the UK will lead the world in its development. We are looking for canny communicators and enthusiastic educators to join us!

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How Keystone started ...

Founder Will was a teacher in London when he saw the opportunity for bringing an enlightened and professional approach to this occasionally charming but too-often bumbling backwater of mainstream education. The London tutoring sector was crying out for innovation, creativity, talent and professionalism. Since its founding in 2007, Keystone has assembled an exciting team of educators bringing just these qualities to the sector – and has thereby played a big part in the sector’s transformation and growth.  


Keystone therefore stands poised to take advantage of the rapidly increasing domestic and global demand for high quality one-on-one teaching.

Why are we different?

Keystone is the only tutoring company in the UK to offer full-time professional contracts to tutors. Besides the high professional standards this approach confers, we believe this pledge to our staff allows us to offer the security of a very competitive income within the flexibility and autonomy that are the hallmarks of freelance work. Our professional tutors tell us that they enjoy the best of employed and self-employed worlds.


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What is our culture like?

Our culture is characterised by autonomy; professional tutors have to do a minimum number of hours per week, but are then free to pursue other projects and work should they wish to. We treat our tutors as independent-minded professionals, too: they get the training and development they need to do their job effectively, but are not put through the artificial management systems that are too much a feature of modern corporate (even, sadly, of school) life.


We have an inclusive and friendly culture: the office is open-plan and everyone is made to feel part of a team. The Directors, like the tutors, take a genuine and sustained interest in education.


Our tutors are a team of genuine educators – often called upon for their views on educational publishing, policy debates, school improvement plans and much more. The company is involved in many pro-bono education projects that seek to spread the advantages of private tutoring to those who can’t usually afford it.

What can we offer Escapees?

Impact – globally and at home; strong and meaningful relationships; a powerfully intimate yet decentralised way of working; the ability to pursue vocations and long-term projects alongside reliable and well-paid work; a taste of entrepreneurialism and the option to take on other roles in a swiftly-growing and dynamic company; a place for decent and free-thinking individuals who want to make a difference.

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