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Learn with Pip

Learn with Pip

Learn with Pip

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Learn with Pip

London, United Kingdom

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The place where enthusiastic parents come to get the tools and information to give their young child the advantage.

About us

Learn with Pip is a digital education company that creates products for enthusiastic parents and teachers to help their young children learn.

'Pip' stand for 'Practise into progress' because we believe that if we can encourage children and parents to practise key skills more often, they will improve.  With most parents there is certainly a desire to help, but often there is a lack of confidence around what and how to practise.

Our first line of products focus on what is probably the most important skill any of us have ever mastered: reading.  We have built an entire suite of reading and spelling tools that help a child learn to read, taking them from zero knowledge of the alphabet all the way to reading, understanding and enjoying stories.  

These include over 1500 unique learning games, our proprietary Phonics Reading Pad, over 40 stories specifically written to match our curriculum by Luke Kelly (grandson of Roald Dahl) and a cast of characters led by Pip.

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Why are we exciting?

We are not in product development any more. 

We have five products live on the App Store and three more going live next week.

We're now moving into a phase where we want people to know about Pip and start using our programmes to have fun learning with their children!

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Why are people talking about mobile education?

With the arrival of mobile and tablet devices children and parents can carry the classroom in their pocket.  The learning experiences can be more interactive and fun for the children and parents can rest assured that their child is practising the right thing.

We can have highly responsive games with animation, sound effects, music and rich characters.  We can have a bookshelf with over 50 stories.  We can have a learning curriculum with over 1500 exercises.  And we can put all of those things on one tiny device (which is rapidly coming down in price).  Imagine what that does in areas which don't have a lot of teachers or schools.

Learn with Pip wants to empower these enthusiastic parents to make the difference at home with their child by taking advantage of the learning opportunities these new devices offer by creating a series of digital programmes that make it fun and simple to continue learning beyond the classroom.
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