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Leave UR Mark

Leave UR Mark

Leave UR Mark

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Leave UR Mark

Bangalore, India

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Leave UR Mark is a social enterprise that links international interns and volunteers to organizations, non-profits, and NGOs in Bangalore, India.  Our volunteers come for a duration of 1-4 months and get involved in meaningful projects such as microfinance, doing research on developmental disorders, interning in organizations like entrepreneurial development and incubation, etc.

About us

Leave UR Mark was founded in a living room of 3 expats who had come to find their calling in India.  We wanted to create a new way of engaging with local communities, preserving the start-up and small business spirit of India, and getting people excited about finding worthwhile projects to work on.  We want to break the stereotypes of India being difficult, corrupt, and unethical.  Almost 3 years in and we have surprised ourselves about the challenges that we have overcome and the challenges we have yet to face.  Everyday we learn something amazing from our volunteers and we hope their time in India is as equally, if not more, life-changing than our own.     
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What is our culture like?

We may be up one night at 3 AM working and another day may take a Tuesday off to go walk in the park and catch some sunlight.  Our work culture is free-flowing, fresh, and NEVER boring.  
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What can we offer Escapees?

If you believe in what we do, chances are we can most likely come up with a position for you!  We are always on the lookout for people with good photography and film skills for mini-documentaries and videos to explain the experience of working abroad.  We can find some really unique projects where people can volunteer that have been generally taboo in India but need attention (such as LGBT, Anti-Dowry, & Skin Color issues).  In exchange, you can relax in our swimming pool during "off work" hours.  
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Our values

We value efficiency, a good work ethic, transparency, teamwork, and most importantly a sense of humor.  You need it for India!  
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