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Leidenschaftlich Lernen

Leidenschaftlich Lernen

Leidenschaftlich Lernen

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Social Enterprise
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Leidenschaftlich Lernen

Hamburg, Germany

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We are a small NGO from Hamburg but working remote to spread self-directed education and unconditional love to the hearts and minds world wide. From 2012-2015 we produced a documentary film called Schools of Trust In 2016 we startet

About us

Christoph Schuhman is teacher and filmmaker and Lee Winmouth is a filmmaker and marketing expert.
Both are dedicated to life long learning, free education, unschooling, unconditional parental love, psychology and AI.

What is our culture like?

We are friends and we see work as something that should be very meaningful and fun so it doesn't feel like work.
We enjoy doing and executing with low frictional loss.
We focus on experience, because life is too short to waste it for materialistic goals.

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