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Let's Go Holdings

Let's Go Holdings

Let's Go Holdings

We are a London-based group of brand advocacy specialists in the tech and media space. Our 3 businesses are technologically curious, creatively restless and hierarchy-lite.


London, United Kingdom

15 Oct 2013

Opportunity has expired

Compensation details:
£32,500 Per Annum DOE

Employer tags:
Marketing and Advertising
Esc Factor:
Exciting Brand
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Use your amazing brain to push our thinking forward and create amazing projects.

London, United Kingdom

Applicants are required to hold the relevant Visas/Work Permits

Compensation details:
£32,500 Per Annum DOE

Job Type:
Mid Level
Escape Factors:
Exciting Brand
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Performance Profile

This describes the desired results and deliverables we will require from you as a Strategist to Freemavens. Unlike a traditional job description, which lists out skills, academics and competencies, the rationale behind a performance profile is that this focuses on what you will do with your skills, experience and abilities, rather than just having them.

Results and doing support our principles of a merit based, results only approach. We have redefined our job requirements to reflect what needs to get done rather than what you need to have. The outcomes are more important than the inputs.

Desired Results & Deliverables

  • New Business: Work with the founders to build up to 15 new business pitches in your first 30 days

  • Creative Briefs: Transfer the objectives of a client into a starting point for maven mapping:
    - Use maven insights, brand & business insights to write a creative brief which enables our creative teams to generate ideas. Demonstrate an understanding of the client's brand and the reasons their business make people's lives better. Filter and distil consumer insights, brand and business objectives, products and campaigns. Be strategic, not tactical. “Give me the freedom of a tight brief” (so say the creatives!)
    - In your first 100 days, refine our briefing approach with A into a base approach and train the team
    - In your first 6 months, build creative briefs for 10 different projects

  • Refine creative ideas. Nurture and refine ideas in partnership with the rest of us, always referencing the budget and brief. Uphold a high standard of strategic clarity to ensure we dream up ideas that make results a reality
    Transform an unpolished idea into a story that makes sense to our mavens and convinces clients to buy our thinking
    Create the deck. Pull together all of the inputs to create a killer deck for clients

  • Business case: Prove the effects of what we do for client i.e. 'minutes of engagement' between our ideas and the brand's users; report on The Sales Affect (joining the dots between user-activation and sales/share etc.)
    Tell stories that show how our work impacts clients and share those learnings to better whatever we do

  • Client innovation: search for new ideas at every stage of the relationship process we have with clients. This could be better ways of doing MM, creative ways of Maven activation or taking an activation idea from someone else in the wider team and making it better

  • Consumer insights: Become proficient in explaining, selling, executing & reporting

  • Maven Mapping: Partner with Georgina to develop our Maven Mapping approach
    - Deliver 3 ways you would make our Maven Mapping process better and more impactful
    - Reveal maven and market insights that make creatives interrupt you with excitement

  • Team Player: In the first 100 days you will
    - Fuel our team learning by sharing your POV on brand planning with past examples
    - Learn what everyone else does within the team and identify at least 3 ways we can become better in the 2nd 100 days
    - Immerse yourself with the other companies in the group and become an advocate and supporter of The Physical Network and Yourvine
    - Learn from your peers and respect the entire process of building advocacy both within and beyond our building

You’ll Enjoy It Here if You…

  • Are hands-on, comfortable with ambiguities and resolve them yourself if they block you
  • Are an analytical thinker who cares about the results of your work
  • Want to work creatively with innovative and brave brands
  • Take great pleasure in making other people happy and making them just that little bit better today than they were yesterday
  • Are curious

You May Have Worked At (Or Wanted To!):

Creative Content Agency, Creative or Media Agency, Naked Communications, CPB, Wide & Kennedy, AQQA, BHH, Channel 4, Vice, Sponsorship Agencies


Here at Freemavens we believe brands should help strengthen relationships between friends. We get brands to do that. We are a creative technology company in the marketing services sector that uses our unique IP, Maven Mapping, to identify, analyse and then activate the advocates, or ‘mavens’ for any brand or cause. 

We can do this in 31 languages, making it globally applicable. Working with brands (Oracle Software, C4, Cockspur Rum, Ceres Power & Jack Daniels to name a few) to activate their advocates, clients can ‘pick and mix’ from our services:

  • Maven Mapping - Freemavens’ consumer mapping tool uses advanced social listening technology and techniques, to pinpoint those who love a brand the most, where they engage with their connections, what they say and the impact they have on them and the brand. 
  • Brand activation - This is about inspiring and activating these advocates or ‘Mavens’; creating programmes of brand behaviours, either in the real world or the online world, that the advocates can help shape, to spread then the word.
  • Brand consultancy - Helping brands be 100% clear on a) what it is that they do, b) how they should do it and c) why they do it (this is by far the hardest part, but also the most important)

This opportunity has expired
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