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Let's Go Holdings

Let's Go Holdings

Let's Go Holdings

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Let's Go Holdings

London, United Kingdom

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We are a London-based group of brand advocacy specialists in the tech and media space. Our 3 businesses are technologically curious, creatively restless and hierarchy-lite.

About us

Specialising in brand advocacy in the tech and media space, our group is comprised of three distinct businesses: Yourvine, Freemavens and The Physical Network.

Freemavens is a consultancy business that uses creative technology to identify, analyse and activate brands’ advocates, or ‘mavens’. With their bells, beliefs and behaviours aligned, the real courtship of brands and their enthusiasts can commence.

Yourvine is a social technology platform that lets businesses, communities and causes create missions and experiences for their fans – online and in real life. Adventures boost brands’ and fans’ value to each other. Brands magnify their fans’ power; fans have fun, and earn rewards.

The Physical Network (TPN) is a 21st Century sales force of incentivised promoters who create a buzz around music festivals, live tours and brands. The thrill of events is shared amongst those taking part in them. 

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Why are we exciting?

Integrity - The Group has it and we expect everyone in it to as well.

New platform - New technologies.

Learning - We encourage learning in the deep end, in every direction, with guidance & support.

Satisfaction - We actually get things done. Ideas are born, shared, and implemented with minimum fuss and bureaucracy.

Diversify - We look at people holistically – what are their skills, how can we develop them? We provide opportunities to explore different skill sets and to be exposed to new stuff.

Impact - Everyone has a voice in our growing company and an opportunity to shape growth. You should have something to say and your boss will listen to you.

Interesting people - This is not a dreary 9-5 job. You will be surrounded by great people – people who do parkour, are physicists, people who can walk on walls and tightropes, people who beatbox and breakdance.

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What can we offer Escapees?

We don’t just want you to enjoy work – we want to make your work easier, too.

Our benefits work as enablers; things that help you to make the most of your day, remove friction and boost your healthy work-life balance. They include:

  • Free fruit and veg
  • Free gym membership*
  • Working retreats abroad
  • Work how, when and where you want
  • Unlimited paid holiday
  • Babysitters on call*
  • Free concierge service*
  • Unprofessional Training budget**

*coming soon ** Think kung fu, not management training.

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What is our culture like?

Culture isn’t having drinks on Friday, it is actually wanting to attend them. We celebrate culture, but we also understand that our benefits do not define our culture. We create memorable experiences by having them. By doing what we love and having fun while we’re at it, we connect with passionate people. Our environment is generous- energy, time, talk, goodwill; our businesses are friction-free and meritocratic.

We strive for excellence, cherish learning from gaffes and woo challenge with bells on. Business, we believe, should always have a positive role in society and we should have a positive role in business.
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Tell Your Friends, Get a Holiday

We champion the value of connections, from family to global networks. Recommend a friend who joins the group and we’ll send you and a guest on a memorable holiday using 4% of the agreed salary. What’s more, we’ll give a further 2% to a deserving social initiative in the local community. What’s not to talk about?
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