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Little Moons

Little Moons

Little Moons

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Food & Drink
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Little Moons


London, United Kingdom

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We make mochi desserts for many restaurants from Nobu, Yo! Sushi, Feng Sushi, Sushi Samba and many more.... We are looking to go into retail soon.

About us

Prepare yourself for a close encounter of the tasty kind. Landing on earth from the outer reaches of the gastronomic galaxy come perfectly formed delicious treats, Little Moons. These soft spheres of scrumptiousness have a deliciously chewy outer wrapped around fiendishly tasty centres. An out of this world treat for your taste buds.
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Our Story

Little Moons were created by siblings Vivien and Howard – culinary explorers who looked to the moon for inspiration and saw a deliciously different treat with a heavenly taste. They soon began making Little Moons in their kitchen for lucky friends and like-minded taste adventurers. It wasn’t long before news of their discovery spread, and from humble beginnings, Little Moons were soon sitting on the dessert menus of some of London’s finest restaurants.
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