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Lively Minds

Lively Minds

Lively Minds

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Lively Minds

London, United Kingdom

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Lively Minds is a small international development charity. We're improving the quality of life for deprived children and their families in rural Ghana and Uganda through our low-cost early years education programmes that are run by the communities themselves. 

About us

We're a small but fast-growing charity changing the lives of children and their families living in extreme poverty in deprived rural communities in Ghana & Uganda through early years education programmes. We believe that the only way these children can break out of the cycle of poverty is if they receive quality early childhood care. This is because reaching children in their early years has been proven to lay the foundations for their physical, social, intellectual and linguistic development, giving them a good start in life and better future prospects.  But children in our target communities do not get adequate early years opportunities. We address this need through two programmes which we replicate in new communities over and over again:

Play Centres – we provide communities with locally made games and we train mothers to run educational Play Centres for their children. This allows young children to learn vital skills through play and at the same time it builds the confidence, teamworking and parenting skills of the mothers.

Reading Schemes – We provide primary schools with a collection of children’s books – resources which they otherwise would not have. We train all students in upper primary school to read the books aloud in an interactive way, translating into the local language and using pictures. These “Readers” then run weekly reading sessions for all the children in lower primary school. In this way we improve the literacy, imagination comprehension and communication skills of primary children and promote a culture of reading in the school.

Both these programmes empower communities to take action to improve the lives of their children in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

Since we started in 2008 we have set up our projects in over 60 communities reaching over 15,000 children. 
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