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Llanganuco Mountain Lodge

Llanganuco Mountain Lodge

Llanganuco Mountain Lodge

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Llanganuco Mountain Lodge

Huascaran National Park, Peru

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Trekking lodge in the high Andes of Peru. On the edge of the Huascaran National Park. Specialising in day treks and acclimatization schedules.

What can we offer Escapees?

I qualified as an accountant in the Head Office of a Big 6 accountancy firm in 2000, I didn´t know what I wanted to do, but did know that I wasn´t going to spend the rest of my life sat behind a desk. Those are OTHER peoples rules.

I then did a ski season, which basically fell into my lap, during which I met lots of interesting people with a completely different take on life to that of my work and social bubbles in London. In 2004 I moved to Peru, 2005 I got my land, since then I have been developing the product and we are almost there. Now we are the #1 accomodation in the whole area, and I live in possibly the best mountain location of the world. Sure we don´t make a load of wonga, but am I one of the most content people I know? Possibly. That´s me in the Red "Ecole de Ski Francais" jacket.

If you don´t know quite what you want to do, but DO know that you need to get out of that all comforting, numbing, safe bubble, then we probably have just what you need, to give you time to come to a new life vision.

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