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M.A.D. Investment Solutions

M.A.D. Investment Solutions

M.A.D. Investment Solutions

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M.A.D. Investment Solutions

Ulan Bator, Mongolia

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The M.A.D. team is all about making the most out of the changes currently taking place in Mongolia. We are all madly passionate about Mongolia and its future, we constantly take a real stake in the city as well as the country and engage with the local businesses as much as possible. We are dedicated to making a difference to the development of Mongolia's business environment by promoting responsible real estate investments. The company is growing quickly with an IPO planned for early 2015 and we need help to take us to the next step. We are on the lookout for young, enthusiastic and flexible graduates that enjoy a challenge and thrive outside of their comfort zones.

About us

We are a team of young, dedicated and often bizarre expats and Mongolians. While we are still a small team, we are growing fast and having fun while doing it. 

The core team is made up of three partners, Chris from Belgium, Josh from France and Uyanga from Mongolia. We are multilingual, multitalented and often just a little mad. We have been in Mongolia for an average of 10 years and are madly in love with the country.

Supporting the partners is a great local team of property managers, agents, researchers, analysts and admin staff. There are about 25 full time employees, 12 of which work in our swanky offices in central Ulaanbaatar, the others work in our renovation teams throughout our various projects. 

We have really great plans for the coming few years and are always on the lookout for some great new individuals to join our team and Make A Difference to the Mongolian Real Estate market. 
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Why are we exciting?

We are focused and dedicated exclusively on Mongolia, one of the most exciting and challenging environments in the world.

The country is going through a period of extraordinary changes that is impacting every layer of society and business. Adapting to this incredibly rapid changing environment is often fraught with danger but also extraordinarily exciting.

At M.A.D. we are not only spectators of the transitions taking place but we often play a primordial role in the shape of things to come. We work across a wide variety of sectors within the Real Estate industry, in a growing number of roles. The impact we have had on the country can already be felt and we are just getting started, we want to be pioneers in everything we do in Mongolia and will not rest until we have truly made a positive difference to Mongolia. We seek niche markets and constantly strive to bring new processes, technology and information sharing tools to the Mongolian market. 

Our day to day lives includes being consultants with the ADB, working within an international team of experts towards resolving the urbanisation problems of the ger districts of Ulaanbaatar, carrying out surveys for the World Bank, working on our upcoming IPO, renting out apartments short-term to mining executives or sourcing new offices for some of the largest companies out there. We work with the global leaders in the real estate industry to provide them with comprehensive research as well as with the political leaders of the country to introduce new land laws or property valuation systems. 

We aim to list M.A.D. on the Mongolian Stock Exchange in 2015 or 2016 and will need people to help us down that long windy road. We are learning as we go so it is an exciting journey, one filled with pitfalls and dangers but also a great sense of achievement. 

One guarantee that can be made, is that there is never a day that is boring, nor one where nothing much happens. Life at M.A.D. is barely organised chaos but it is also exciting, fun and unique. 
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What can we offer Escapees?

We need people who are enthusiastic, keen for new experiences, eager to learn, highly adaptable and flexible to an ever changing environment and most important of all, people who can think for themselves and be fun. 

In exchange we can provide a unique environment in which to build-up years worth of experience in a short time. Our graduate interns get to work across all of our projects and try their hand at everything we do. 

What do we do? Well, we do everything possible that is linked to real estate and we try to do it all to a global standard. We are a young startup where everything is possible and where the unexpected happens every day. We offer a challenging environment where you will be encouraged to take charge, lead a team of young Mongolians and create an entire new market in Mongolia. We give you the chance to show just how good you are and we will give you all the support you need to make your ideas (provided they are not too silly) a reality. 

We offer the chance to be part in a truly wonderful adventure, in an exciting market with people who are dedicated to what they do and who love their job.  
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What is our culture like?

We are in Mongolia, we are M.A.D. & we love Real Estate. 

We have a culture of hard work, thinking outside of the box and a strong desire to be the very best at what we do, not just in Mongolia but also in the region and eventually the world. 

Our team is small, multilingual, multicultural and sometimes a little bit mad. We do never the less take enormous pride in the work we do and place the greatest of priorities on providing our clients with transparent and fair products and services. 

We work with such a wide range of private and institutional clients on an huge variety of clients that we often work many 'hats' and as such flexibility or rather agility is the best quality in our office. We constantly strive to bring new, niche products to the markets and to work both behind and in front of the scene to improve the Mongolian Real Estate environment. 
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Working in Mongolia

Mongolia has been the world's fastest growing economies for the past few years and is set to continue growing at a stupendous pace for the coming decade. With such growth comes enormous challenges as well as opportunities. 

While M.A.D. is primarily concerned with the Ulaanbaatar Real Estate Environment, we follow closely all aspects of the economy and the political reforms currently taking place. Everything impacts what we do and how we operate, we must therefore keep a close watch on all the various facets of the country. We are in a constant discussion with stakeholders, investors and policy makers to try to gauge what the investment climate will be like in a few years. 

Living in Mongolia itself is exciting, fun and unique. There are many of the challenges typical of frontier markets; a growing wealth gap, a scarcity of products and a rapid urbanisation that contributes to considerable chaos in the city. The winters are long and cold, the winter pollution is tough to get used to and the scarcity of seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables can take some getting used to but it is all getting better very quickly. 

On the plus sides, the country is stunningly beautiful and untouched. The nomads are welcoming and their culture one of the most fascinating in the world. Mongolia is unlike any other place on earth and must be experienced as it is truly a "one in a lifetime" destination. 

The expat community here is fun and exciting with lots of stories about their global adventures but it is also small. UB is known as 'the village' as everyone knows everyone else. This means that access to decision makers and the primary actors of Ulaanbaatar is easy but it also means that everyone knows what everyone else is doing. 

The most exciting thing about living and working in Ulaanbaatar is quite possibly the sense of making a real difference to the future of the country, one cannot help but be involved in the development of the city and through the work that M.A.D. does, the results are often rapid and staggering. 
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