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Maggie & Rose

Maggie & Rose

Maggie & Rose

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Maggie & Rose

London, UK, United Kingdom

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Maggie & Rose is the original family members club in London, and expanding internationally. A hub of creativity, where a home from home environment has been crafted & childhood memories begin. We build beautiful places where parents can relax whilst children play and learn to their hearts content - a place where little kids can do big things.

About us

There are currently two clubs in operation in London, and a further club in Hong Kong. With plans in place for further expansion domestically and internationally, along with a mega-ambitious media, publishing and merchandising growth strategy, we are really going places!



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Our values


Maggie & Rose is a visual world, from the ground up that’s how we learn things – you see great stuff, you learn it too.



Creativity is catching, you’ll want what we have if you’re 4 or 40. Soak it up, pass it on, leave boredom at the door.



Red tape is a skipping rope. Don’t accept no, dream big, dream different and make those dreams come true.



Great memories aren’t built in a day, great memories are built daily. Live in today, not tomorrow – show up and be together, you deserve it.

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Why are we exciting?

We are bursting at the seams with friendly, super-cool and creative people.  And we are a company with the kind of potential (and of course, challenges) that you'd be dreaming about. 


We are also building the most ground-breaking and inspirational Nursery concept in the UK; creating a new mould in Early Years learning, and giving children the best start in the most beautifully designed environments.


Our mission is to be the most trusted family brand in the world - come join us!

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