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Makit East Africa

Makit East Africa

Makit East Africa

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Makit East Africa

Nairobi, Kenya

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Makit East Africa Ltd. distributes Ruby Cup, a menstrual cup. Ruby Cup is a safe and healthy alternative to pads and tampons. We distribute to women and girls living in poverty who struggle during their menstrual period due to inaccessablity of sanitary products. Our goal is to provide a sustainable menstrual hygiene solution to empower women and girls in Africa

About us

We are a social enterprise that aims address the problems that women and girls in the global south face due to menstruation. We provide a sustainable, long lasting, and eco-friendly product that eliminates the dependence on monthly sanitary wear and recurring costs. In addition, we accompany the product distribution with educational forums that address topics such as hygiene, reproductive health, and menstrual hygiene management. 

With an exciting and dedicated team, we are currently interested in expanding our operations and the size of our impact.

Ruby Cup is the winner of The Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition 2012 (US), Venture Cup 2012 (Denmark), a Sustainia100 Solution, Finalist in Ben & Jerry's Join Our Core 2012  (EU), and recipient of the Future Impact Award 2nd prize 2012 (Switzerland)

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What is our culture like?

Ruby Cup is based in Nairobi Kenya. In addition, we are opening a European office in Berlin, Germany. We have a team of dedicated, energetic employees in Germany and Kenya as well as volunteers and Ruby Cup Ambassadors throughout Europe and East Africa. 

We seek to decrease the dependence on donations of menstrual hygiene products, eliminate the need for unsanitary alternatives, and  to empower women in Sub-Saharan Africa. We love what we do and like to have fun together both in the office and staff outings.
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