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London, United Kingdom

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We're passionate about making the world of finance more efficient and transparent.

About us

MarketInvoice is the VC-backed peer-to-peer fintech platform that’s building the modern backbone of the economy.

Imagine you’re a young company who’s just won a major contract but your client wants to pay you on 90 day terms when you need to pay your staff and suppliers upfront. That’s where we step in. Our platform uses the peer-to-peer approach to provide the day-to-day operational financing for companies as varied as mobile development agencies, food brands and care homes.

We’re the largest start-up in our space worldwide and already lending £30 million/month to small businesses and on track to double that within the next year. It’s a £100bn/year market which is dominated by legacy lenders and banks with complex processes and shady practices. We’re bringing transparency and simplicity to the market.

We’re a data driven tech company disrupting banks in the same way Spotify re-defined the music industry (we actually share the same investors). We've recently raised our Series A funding round (you can read about it on TechCrunch) and have big plans for the next 18 months. 

But don't believe us check out what the media has to say:

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