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London, United Kingdom

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At MediaCore we believe that online video and mobile technology has the power to revolutionize the way people learn. We have built an award-winning educational media platform that helps leading institutions reduce costs, drive better online learning experiences, and engage students.

About us

At MediaCore we are helping change the world of education through video. Universities, schools and organizations all over the world are realizing that video is an incredibly compelling tool for enabling anyone to learn anywhere, anytime. MediaCore provides an award-winning platform that takes the complexity out of capturing video, building a media library, storing content, and delivering an exceptional learning experience to users viewing content on both desktop and mobile browsers. We're currently working with large universities and innovative schools all over the world helping them educate and train millions of people. If you’re passionate about education and want to work with an incredible team on building tools that are helping make a substantial impact in global education standards then MediaCore is for you.
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Why are we exciting?

Great Ideas.
We’re really passionate about solving big problems facing educational institutions as they look to increase student outcomes.

Video is increasingly becoming a huge component of the way that many people learn globally and we’re only starting to see how video can help all kinds of educational institutions and are always looking for new ideas on where to take our products next. We’d love to hear some of your ideas on how video and technology could be integrated into educational institutions.

Award Winning Technology.
If you enjoy working with engineers and designers who build really awesome software, then look no further. FastCompany just ranked MediaCore as one of the “Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Digital Video” and while we’ve been thrilled with that nomination (along with 8 other awards we’ve won this year), we’re really motivated by coming into work every day and just building a great product that’s solving real problems.

Our team is passionate about Open Source technology. We love Git, Python, Ruby, Google Closure, FFMPEG, and HTML5, but we especially love combining all these things with design and aesthetics that are unrivaled in our industry and are making a big impact in the classroom.

Startup Mentality.
We’re not a big company and sometimes we all need to chip in to get the job done. This is the way things happen at a startup. You must be prepared to go beyond your role and appreciate that our nimbleness is actually our greatest strength.

We’re a pretty flexible employer, but when we do work it needs to be energetic and inspirational to those around us. You need to be hands-on, passionate, persistent, creative and easy to deal with. Ultimately you want to get things done with a high personal productivity.

Being able to adapt to change when necessary is important for us. As a fast-growing company, we are often changing gears and shifting focus onto new features, goals and priorities. We value those who are able to keep up with those shifts.

We want you to enjoy coming to work each day. We’ve been known to host some pretty awesome social events - from pirate parties on tall ships to camping trips to wine tastings at local vineyards. If you like to have fun once in awhile, you’ll definitely want to consider working for us.

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