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Sharing ideas and experiences moves humanity forward.


San Francisco, United States

17 Jan 2013

Opportunity has expired

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Operations Manager

Be the person that keeps people happy and our office running.

San Francisco, United States

Applicants are required to hold the relevant Visas/Work Permits

Compensation details:

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Entry Level
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Exciting Brand
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Ever been to a great party where everything is just right? Every guest always has a full drink; the music is the right tempo and volume; people are mingling effortlessly; the food is delicious; temperature is ideal all night; the decorations are playful yet tasteful; there is never a line for the bathroom; folks are talking about the latest movie or an upcoming concert; another group is having an erudite discussion about politics and might have just solved the US debt crisis; everyone is happy to be there and wants to stay forever… Just like that perfect party host, you’ll make sure all the details in our office are organized and that everyone is having a great time every day.

No two days will ever be identical, and things move fast enough that there’s no time for complacency. You’ll be in early to make sure that the office is setup - dishwasher unloaded, coffee brewing, supplies stocked, conference rooms set up for meetings. Hop on the computer to check all the relevant Google Calendars (we use Google Apps). The screen is filled up like a multicolored mosaic, but like an expert code breaker, you understand it all with a quick glance and make a map to plan out your day. As people filter in, your warm greeting and unwavering smile make them forget how much Muni sucks and reminds them why they are excited to come in each day to be with their work family.

A few invoices came in since you last checked. One needs approval so you send off that email and then enter the rest in the accounting system before filing those PDFs in our cloud storage file vault. Sweating the details is easy for you, so getting the file names right and storing them in the correct folder always happens. The first visitor calls up for a meeting; you jump in the elevator to get them from downstairs. On the way up to the meeting room you stop by the kitchen to grab them a drink. Returning to your desk someone calls from the back room, “The projector screen isn’t working”. Rushing back, you start troubleshooting and determine the AV cable is broken; a quick swap and they are ready to go. Back at your desk, its time to finish the bank account reconciliation and prepare a PDF for review — your environmental sensibility is bolstered by the trees saved by being paperless and the highly effective recycling & compost program you champion.

Someone stops at your desk to chat about a show they are going to next weekend, a couple others gather and a few of you decide to all go because you like hanging out with each other. That first meeting is over and you bid farewell to the visitor before heading back to the conference room to get it ready for the next meeting. Ugh, half a cup of coffee and there are no more pens — no problem, you’ll have that sorted out in seconds. Confirm the office lunch order for today before making some calls to setup a bowling event the following week — realizing that only half the people RSVP’d, you head around the office to rally the troops for what will be a great event. Before the day is out, you set a reminder to order office supplies tomorrow and note that the grocery delivery to restock the kitchen and bar should be ready on Thursday.

Would you like to be our Office Manager? In addition to your regular duties, you’ll take on one-off projects, including implementing your own proactive ideas to make our environment awesome. We work really hard to make Medium the publishing platform of the future. You will make sure that everything we need to do that work is available and functioning — even before we know we need it! More importantly, your positive upbeat attitude and enthusiasm will radiate through the office to make everyone’s day brighter and create the fun surroundings for the important work we’re doing together.

This position is located at our head office in San Francisco, California.
This opportunity has expired
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