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MOVE Guides

MOVE Guides

MOVE Guides is a one-stop-shop for international relocation. We help you plan an end-to-end move from with expert city guides, unique move planning tools, and price comparison and booking for services like shipping personal goods, opening and bank account and finding a home. Life is too short to stay in one place.

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MOVE Guides

London, United Kingdom

Our Story

MOVE Guides was born after our founder Brynne worked in finance around the world.  From New York restaurants to Hong Kong bars to Delhi parties, expats always talked about what a pain it is to actually move to a new city.  

Then in 2010 Brynne said goodbye to finance and moved to London to get her MBA at London Business School.  Her first home in London was a sublet through notorious estate agents, Foxtons.  One afternoon she was sitting in her living room with no internet, hot water or bank account, and in a moment of despair asked her husband,

"Why is it so easy to plan a holiday to anywhere in the world and so hard to plan a relocation?"

"You should change it he said."  

And thus began MOVE Guides.  

What can we offer Escapees?

Eager to Escape to a new city?
http://www.moveguides.com" title="" target="_blank">MOVE Guides can help.  We offer a one-stop-shop for international relocation and you won't pay a penny to use it. Read about your city.  Arrange your move.  And Find contacts. All on your own term.

Want to try a startup?http://www.moveguides.com" title="" target="_blank">MOVE Guides offers short term projects writing content for international cities, building local partnerships and generating buzz in expat communities. Intrigued?  Email Brynne at brynne@moveguides.com.

Why are we exciting?

Just in case the jetset life of moving to a new city is not exciting enough for you, here's 5 reasons why MOVE Guides is exhilarating right now:

  • We're revolutionising a £40bn industry unlike anyone before us
  • We have awesome angel investors, who are seriously inspiring
  • We work with lots of big companies, but are small and agile ourselves
  • We've all lived and worked abroad, and love it
  • We are actually a global startup - launching on 3 continents in 1 year
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