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Move your Money

Move your Money

Move your Money

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Move your Money

London, United Kingdom

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We have the power to change the financial system. Move your money, and bank on something better!

About us

Move Your Money is a new, dynamic and exciting campaign that encourages people to move their money from the big 5 banks into something better. We are the only call to action that aims to build an effective public response to the economic crisis. 
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Why are we exciting?

We have big plans but a small budget. But we know if we can get the right people around our table we can make great things happen and change Banking in Britain forever. So we are looking for people who are looking for a bit of a risk and like a challenge to help us get what we need done. We need your time to help us deliver a national campaign that packs a punch - we have our eyes on making the most of the changes in bank switching in September. 

What can we offer Escapees?

We are a  registered Community Interest Company because we believe there is a lot more to this bank switching game and we want to support individuals, organisations and institutions move their money. So we are looking at technological innovation, new ways of communicating and marketing and an innovative business model. We are building something new and you could be part of it. You could be part of it.

What is our culture like?

We are paper free, hot desk in Soho, use online tools to work remotely. We straddle the business, campaigns and charity world - so we think we are fun and manage it on limited resources. You get to use your won computer - which we see as a plus. We empower our volunteers and staff to get stuff done so you will have space to try new things. 

Our values

We want customers to have confidence that switching banking services can  make a difference and that it is worth investing their energy in doing so. So we will:

  1. Empower customers by providing them with trustworthy information, easier access to the mechanisms for switching accounts , promoting the alternatives and campaigning tools.
  2. Use the knowledge we gain from customers to communicate with banks and the Government to influence and encourage positive change.
  3. Collaborate with others campaigning for banking reform so that the actions of customers that switch are recognised as a vote for change in the banking sector and add weight to other campaigns looking to change the banking sector.

What are we working on right now?

  1. Grabbing the headines with pro-active media work
  2. Using data to make headlines and understand customers better
  3. Developing a new website that people can trust and tell them all they need to know about switching
  4. Bringing people together to write copy, create images, develop apps
  5. Working on plans to target charities and other value led organisations
  6. Raising funds
  7. Improving our social media reach
If you want to help with any of these let us know

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