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St Lucia/ Underberg, South Africa

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MozVolunteers is an NGO/CDO based in South Africa. We promote development through education, healthcare and sustainable income generating opportunities. We run volunteer projects that incorporate community work in order to fund development activities and organise ethical travel adventures that provide unique, extra-ordinary experiences in idyllic locations throughout Mozambique and South Africa.

About us

MozVolunteers started as an idea in 2008, on a beach in Mozambique.  Whilst on a surfing trip up the coast of Africa, we (Scott and Alex) spent some time with local communities set amongst the coconut palms behind the Indian Ocean.  It was here that we realised that many of these people and communities had a desperate need for assistance.  We racked our brains and came up with our idea, which was to provide a safe, enjoyable "off the beaten track" vacation package incorporating volunteering and cultural experiences for students, career-breakers, gap year takers and those who just want to escape or have an adventure.

Since then, we have developed and expanded, worked with many different people from different backgrounds, who speak different languages and live in many different countries to reach where we are today:  2 projects in Mozambique, 1 in St Lucia, South Africa and 1 in Underberg, Southern Drakensberg, South Africa.

Alongside running day-to-day volunteering opportunities, caring for children, providing education and healthcare assistance, creches, residential children's homes, wildlife conservation opportunities, THETA wildlife qualifications, we offer adventures that incorporate many different activities, alongside the opportunity to "give back" by volunteering.

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What can we offer Escapees?

We offer a variety of job opportunities, internships, volunteer projects and adventures for people wanting to experience something new and different, to become immersed in an alternative cultural experience, and to enjoy an adventure and something totally different to daily life.  

Most importantly, we offer the opportunity for individuals to have a "great escape".  After spending time with us, enjoying the idyllic locations and unique experiences that continue to inspire us daily, you will be moved to live a life you love.
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Why are we exciting?

We are a an organisation run by a friendly, relaxed team, dedicated to instigating change for the better however this is interpreted.  If you join us you can...

... wake up every morning to the sound of nature, and beautiful views - pick your breakfast from a tree - give and receive in equal measures - experience true hospitalities and make friends who will never forget you - make a mohair scarf from scratch - walk into the mountains and never get lost - hike up a trail to visit caves where years before your time the san people painted the walls - live like a king on traditional cuisine - learn zulu - bounce up the Sani pass in a 4x4 and have a beer at the highest pub in Africa - learn about the Basotho culture and buy a traditional blanket to keep you warm - shear an angora goat - help a grandmother care for her grandchildren - give a child a hug and be rewarded with the biggest smile you have ever seen - get up close and personal with a lion and an elephant - build someone a safe, warm home - ride off into the sunset on a Basotho pony - ride waves for hours in the indian ocean - walk for miles down a beach without seeing another soul - swim with dolphins - snorkel in the underwater world about which we know so little - moor a boat offshore and watch whales playing - glide down a river on a home-made raft - pick mussels off the rocks and cook them on the beach - make bread for lunch - teach children how to play rugby and learn the feeling of success - learn zulu beadwork - listen to the sound of beautiful singing, a chorus of birdsong or the choir of cicada beetles in the evening....
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Our values

MozVolunteers is committed to Ethical travel and tourism opportunities.

MozVolunteers promotes and practises sustainable development methods.

MozVolunteers is an advocate of healthy living and wellbeing of our guests, our staff, our family and those we work hard to inspire to succeed.

MozVolunteers is truly committed to the belief that we should all live a life we love.
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