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Our business is all about connecting homeowners with trustworthy, reliable tradesmen. The best tradesmen see their work as a craft. This is our attitude, as well. Each day, we strive to perfect our craft, to create a product and service that is truly exceptional. Nothing is more important than the people in our team. We only hire the best because we know that you can't build a world class company without a world class team. We also want to enjoy what we do, and that means working with other people who enjoy what they do. We're intrinsically motivated by our work, whether it's design, software engineering, marketing or customer service.


London, United Kingdom

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This opportunity has already expired

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23 Feb 2014

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Consumer Products
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Exciting Brand
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Customer Service Associate

A customer service role with bells and whistles.

Applicants are required to hold the relevant Visas/Work Permits

Location: London, United Kingdom

Job Type
Entry Level
Customer Service
Account Management
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