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MyBuilder is the better way for homeowners to find a builder and for great builders to become more successful.

About MyBuilder

MyBuilder.com is an established London startup that matches homeowners with skilled, reliable tradesmen. MyBuilder started with an original idea back in 2004, because our founder was a tradesman who experienced the dysfunctional industry firsthand. Since then, we’ve worked hard to create an award-winning web marketplace.

We won Seedcamp in 2007, received numerous other business and entrepreneurial awards, and have heavyweight backing from Travis Perkins, Channel 4, and many well known internet angel investors.
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Why work at MyBuilder?

MyBuilder is a special place to work. We are Symfony developers, TV producers, artists, ex-financial services and everything in between. We look for people who are intellectually curious, passionate about their jobs, hard working and not afraid to fail in pursuit of getting it right next time.
If you fit the bill (and like us too), we'll set you up with a shiny new Mac and a spacious workspace at our awesome new office located between between Old Street & Farringdon. You'll get to enjoy the best coffee around, lots of great food and fun outings with like-minded people. If all of the above sounds appealing, you should get in touch.

Visit careers.mybuilder.com to find out more about working at MyBuilder.
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