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NKA Foundation

NKA Foundation

NKA Foundation

Nka Foundation is a development NGO founded in 2005, and is managed by arts practitioners and volunteers. In rural Ghana, the foundation runs Sang and Abetenim Arts Village, which are living learning centers that invite persons from around the world to immerse in local culture and put their practice to the test through projects in the arts and rural architecture.

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Architecture & Planning
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Exotic Location
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NKA Foundation

Kumasi, Ghana

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About us

Nka Foundation ( is a nonprofit organization run by arts practitioners and volunteers in Ghana and Burkina Faso. In rural Ghana, we are building a community for the arts, a living learning arts village designed to bring together creative persons from around the world to interact with the local community via projects such as rural architecture, community arts and social services to improve local livelihood skills to alleviate poverty. Everybody is welcome to our arts village: Interns and professionals in all of the arts, architecture, design, social work, engineering, and sustainable development are all welcome to share expertise. 


Project Site

Mural Project by Artmakers Inc at Abetenim Arts Village


Project Site

Abetenim Arts Village

Project Site: Sang Arts Village, Northern Region

Sang Round House by Design-Build Team of Nico Smith, Humphrey Lloyd and George Bell from Wales, UK


Why are we exciting?

Design response to the 10x10 Shelter Challenge by Karolina and Wayne of Atelier Switzer
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