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On Purpose


London, United Kingdom

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On Purpose runs a full-time, year-long leadership development programme that will help you transition into a career that uses business for good.

About us

At On Purpose, we believe there is a better way of doing business that can help solve many of society‚Äôs most intractable problems. 

We develop high calibre professionals into the next generation of social enterprise leaders - those who will tackle these problems by harnessing the power of business for social and environmental good. Visit http://onpurpose.uk.com/ to find out more, or get in touch with us on @OnPurposeUK, Facebook, LinkedIn or via recruitment@onpurpose.uk.com.

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Why are we exciting?

Great work. Our associates take a lead on exciting projects like developing and implementing the first social impact measurement framework with the Deputy CEO of HCT, and creating and launching O2 Learn with the Head of Brand Strategy at O2.

Fast development. Professional work placements, world class training on topics ranging from social sector know-how to personal development, experienced mentors and coaches and extended networks to develop faster.

Intensive 1 year experience. Our full-time programme attracts those who are truly committed to changing their careers.

A foot hold in social enterprise. There has never been a better time to join the fast-developing world of social enterprise.

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What can we offer Escapees?

We run a one-year, full time, leadership programme that combines paid work placements with weekly training and regular one-to-one coaching and mentoring.
Placements. Associates spend 4.5 days a week at their placement host, often interacting with senior executives. On Purpose placement hosts range from charitable to commercial organisations, from start-ups to multinationals - all combining social and commercial ways of working.
Training. World class trainers from the private and social enterprise sectors every Friday afternoon speak on topics covering social sector know-how, professional skills, commercial basics and personal development.
Mentoring and coaching. Experienced mentors and coaches ensure that you develop faster and get the most out of the year.
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What is our culture like?

The culture is best demonstrated by what happens on Friday afternoons. Great people come in and teach us new things, we learn from and support each other by sharing our experiences and we make sure there is time for a drink in the pub afterwards.

You can read our April '13 Yearbook here to get a better sense of what On Purpose life is like.
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