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London, United Kingdom

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Hello there. Thanks for dropping by. At onefinestay we believe hospitality and real homes go hand in hand. We’re crafting the new way to stay in a city. We need the freshest, the finest, the flyest talents out there, to help us make it, evangelize about it and get guests through our doors. If you’re ready to ride a rocket, we’re looking for astronauts.  

About us

‘The unhotel’, we hear the world cry, ‘what’s all that then?’ We reply, with a twinkle in our eye, that we give people the chance to live like a local by staying in wonderfully unique homes while their owners are out of town. And our members get to earn an extra income from their homes by working with a trusted and reliable partner.

We’re a growth stage business, with all the adventures that brings. And there’s nothing fly-by-night here. We’re making real money and serving real guests. We started in London, our home town, in 2012 we expanded to New York, and to Paris and Los Angeles in 2013. But we’re not going to stop until there’s an unhotel in every city—without ever compromising on the quality our guests demand, or our fastidious attention to detail.

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Why are we exciting?

If you want to change the world, you’ve come to the right place. In our own way, we’re doing it every day. We’re creating something new in the hospitality industry by giving each and every guest that stays with us the most incredible experience of London, and some fabulous memories to take home with them.

If you’re interested in the usual corporate guff (being "passionately committed to excellence," and so forth), we hear MegaCorp Inc is offering buckets of cash and DIY lobotomies. We, on the other hand, grant you full rights to your immortal soul, we give you a desk you’ll share with assorted pieces of bed linen, and we’re such a tight-knit team, we even wear each others’ jumpers from time to time.

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What can we offer Escapees?

Almost too much responsibility - because there’s almost too much to do.

A somewhat funky open plan office because cubicles constrain competence.

More than just a job. There’s the beers. The parties. The dodgeball injuries.

No uniforms or suits – because we don’t do ‘bellhop’, darling.

Victuals. Endless victuals – free tea, coffee, Diet Coke and cake. Especially cake.

Everything you need to do the job – you can bring your own pencils if you like.

International horizons. We’re a global business and you may get to travel to other offices

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