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Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift

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Paradigm Shift

Cape Town, South Africa

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Igniting the church to transform Africa's entrepreneurial poor.

About us

At Paradigm Shift, we see volunteers from churches, business forums and other groups of business-minded believers as a key answer to helping solve spiritual and economic poverty in our world. Our full-time Paradigm Shift staff equips these volunteers to stop giving handouts, and start providing business training, biblical discipleship, microcredit and mentoring. This is called the Paradigm Shift Program.

Our current Paradigm Shift Programs are located across South Africa's major urban areas (34 locations in 2014). We are also piloting programs in Zimbabwe, Uganda, Magascar, Kenya and Northern India. We will be doubling our locations in 2014, so it's an exciting time of growth at Paradigm Shift!

As Paradigm Shift staff, we work together to launch new program locations, train and oversee our regional Master Trainers who in turn train the volunteer teams, provide program support and oversight for our partners, and do monitoring, evaluation and reporting for all the programs. Best of all, we get to see the lives of the poor changed with our own eyes.

We work partially in impoverished communities and partially in the office. We are a young (under 40), educated team, all highly passionate about what we do.

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Our values

Our Mission

To train churches to provide business training, microcredit, mentoring and discipleship to the urban poor.

Our Vision

Churches empowered to meet the spiritual and economic needs of the poor in their communities.

Our Values

INTEGRITY Transparency and accountability in all we do

DISCIPLESHIP Cultivating the personal and spiritual growth of entrepreneurs as followers of Jesus Christ

EMPOWERMENT Training, microcredit, and mentoring – which opens doors to stability and opportunity

LOCALLY-ROOTED Culturally-relevant ministry, centered in the local church

ENDURING CHANGE Spiritual and economic transformation that impacts families for a lifetime

Why Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship creates empowerment and places an individual in the driver’s seat of changing his/her own circumstances. In South Africa, the unemployment rate is so high that, often, even the most industrious cannot find work to put food on the table. So out of sheer necessity many people create their own small businesses as a path toward financial sustainability.


However, these microentrepreneurs often lack the basic business skills and capital required for their businesses to grow. As a result, these businesses remain stunted and operate at a subsistence level, making it difficult for microentrepreneurs to meet their basic needs.


The Paradigm Shift program was designed to give microentrepreneurs business training and microloans to grow their businesses and create financial sustainability for their families. The program also meets microentrepreneurs’ spiritual and personal development needs by providing discipleship and mentorship.
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