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ParkatmyHouse takes an old headache - parking - and solves it smartly and innovatively by letting drivers park on private driveways. We provide drivers with cheap, parking ticket-free parking with the convenience of a space waiting for them on arrival. We make families millions of pounds each year from renting out their spaces (not only families - we've made a church £170,000 of revenue that has gone to their local charities). We're also behind the world's largest P2P electric vehicle charging programme, ChargeatmyHouse. And we’re cutting the 20% of car pollution that is caused by circling (IBM) by letting people navigate directly to their parking space. Smart, simple, green - and growing like crazy. ParkatmyHouse has over half a million customers in the UK and is backed by BMW.

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London, United Kingdom

What can we offer Escapees?

A lot of tech companies do stuff that is kinda cool but kinda ... well that's about it. We're not one of those companies.

We're solving one of the biggest problems that afflict cities globally. And at the same time, we're putting millions of pounds back in drivers' pockets and making families and small businesses millions too by allowing them to monetize their parking spaces.

It should be said that we're not petrol heads either. 20-30% of all the traffic and car pollution in cities is caused by drivers circling for parking (IBM). Our model of pre-booked parking removes these awful externalities.

Further, ParkatmyHouse is heavily involved with electric vehicles. We have installed hundreds of EV charge points on our property owners' driveways through an innovative Government-funded scheme called ChargeatmyHouse.

We believe in working hard but having stupid amounts of fun. We believe that everyone needs to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit. We offer top of market packages, unlimited holidays and free gourmet chef-cooked lunches. We are backed by BMW and have over half a million customers. 

If you want to come on a brilliant adventure and solve a big problem, we're the startup for you. 
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