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London, United Kingdom

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Peppersmith is an award-winning confectionery start-up. Founded in 2009 by two friends, Mike and Dan, their mission is to shake-up the flagging confectionery markets with innovative products that taste good and do you good. A high growth company, they have won awards for their products, brand and business and are passionate about making Peppersmith a successful, responsible business to be proud

Our values

We have a set of values that we decided on when we set up our little company and we promise to stick to them:

• Make stuff that tastes great.
• Do no harm. Make things better.
• Be interesting.
• Be refreshing.

About us

We’re an independent company formed in 2009 by two friends (Mike and Dan). Because we’re independent we can do things a little differently and plan for the future instead of just looking for short-term gain.

We can’t promise to be perfect but we can always promise to try our best to do the right things.

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