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Social Enterprise
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Social Impact
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Siem Reap, Cambodia, Cambodia

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PEPY: Promoting Education, emPowering Youth. We are an NGO in rural Cambodia and believe in investing time in people. Sister org: @PEPYTours.

Our Mission

Our mission is to invest time and resources in young people in Cambodia, working with them to connect them to the skills, systems, and inspiration necessary to achieve their goals, raise standards of living, and improve the quality of education in their communities

We believe that positive changes are only possible if we invest time in people. The changes we want to see in the world won’t come from giving things away, or focusing on inputs rather than high quality impact. We are just as impatient as others to make these changes, but we have learned through our mistakes and our successes, that only through investing time in a team of passionate, local leaders will be able to reach our vision.

Dream Big

“There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.” – Douglas Everett

We celebrate “WOW” ideas: those unusual – and even unreasonable gems that have the power to shift our mindset towards new solutions for old problems. We try to foster an environment where people know that not only is it ok to be a little off the wall – but it’s encouraged and even expected. We want our team to take calculated risks at challenging the conventional, the everyday, the acceptable. We want to push the boundaries of what we can achieve and to do that we need big, powerful dreams that we can work towards.
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